Hyderabad: Vegetable prices fall due to dip in diesel rate

Hyderabad: Vegetable prices have dropped in Hyderabad giving a much-need relief to the consumers. The drop in prices is the result of a dip in the diesel rate.

Last week, the diesel rate has dropped from Rs. 107 per liter to Rs. 94 per liter after the central government decided to cut the excise duty.

Apart from the diesel rate, winter season vegetables are also responsible for the drop in prices.

TOI quoted an official from the agriculture marketing department saying that the prices will come down further as the new crops from the neighbouring districts are set to enter the city market.

The official further said that currently, the city market is getting 60 percent of the vegetables from other states including Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Petrol, diesel prices in Hyderabad

Meanwhile, the petrol and diesel prices in Hyderabad are stable since the cut in excise duty.

Currently, the petrol and diesel prices are Rs. 108.20 and Rs. 94.62 per liter respectively.