Hyderabad: Vexed with father physically abusing mother, kids complain to cops

Hyderabad: Three kids, under the age of 10, walked into Adibatla police station on Monday and complained to the officials about their father who regularly beats up their mother.

According to a Times of India report, the children asked the officials to take strict and stern action against their father. “The children spoke openly without any fear. We have given them the confidence that even after counselling if their father does not mend his ways, stringent action will follow,” Adibatla circle inspector P Narender was quoted by TOI.

The mother who accompanied the children did not want any case against her husband but requested the officials to give him a warning.

The police officer also observed the way the children spoke to the police about their house situation reflected their trust in the department.

Police visit the Rajiv Gruha Kalpa area regularly and take up community policing to prevent crimes. They also encourage the residents to alert them of any crime or suspicious activities in their area.