Hyderabad: Viral Kumari Aunty’s stall back, CM Revanth Reddy to visit?

Hyderabad: Kumari Aunty is a local street vendor from Hyderabad who has become popular on social media due to her delicious food and friendly nature. Two months ago, she began her business near the ITC Kohenur junction in Madhapur. Her food stall created an immediate sensation amongst foodies and Instagrammers alike, who posted pictures and clips of their meals on social media.

Kumari Aunty’s food stall offers non-vegetarian varieties like rice, chicken, and mutton curry at reasonable prices. Her customers value the quality of food she cooks, as well as her hospitable nature.

Yesterday, Kumari Aunty’s business made headlines after the Raiduram traffic police in Madhapur asked her to close her food stall as commuters were complaining about heavy traffic jams.

The hashtag #KumariAunty too has been trending on X since yesterday. The famous food blogger and influencer has received overwhelming support from her followers and fans, who love her authentic and delicious recipes. In addition, many celebrities and media outlets have also taken part in the campaign to support her.

According to the latest reports, Telangana chief minister Revanth Reddy has stepped into the matter and ordered the DGP and urban development ministry to reverse their orders. In addition, the chief minister is scheduled to visit the stall in Madhapur shortly, reports said. However, there is no official confirmation about his visit.

CM Revanth Reddy has asked the police not to demolish the stall and ensure it remains in place. The fans and followers of Kumari Aunty have reacted positively to this move.

The popularity of Kumari Aunty’s food stall on Instagram has been seen in the past two months with its delectable chicken and mutton curry. The stall has become a go-to place for foodies and Instagrammers and her epic line ‘Two Livers Extra’ has turned into a meme material.

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Well, her story stands as a sign of the impact that social media has on small businesses!