Hyderabad: Voters awareness rally taken out from City College

Hyderabad: A rally from the City College in Hyderbad was taken out as a part of National Voters Day on Wednesday.

Over 1000 students from the college took out the rally, holding placards, passing through the city bridge, leading to the area of Begum Bazar, covering a stretch of about 1.5 kilometres.

Creating awareness on the significance of every voter, especially students casting his/her vote in elections was the motive behind the rally.

Principal of City College, P Bala Bhaskar, who flagged off the rally, said that it was important for every citizen who has attained 18 years of age to get included in the voter list.

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“Similarly, it is also imperative for every voter to exercise their franchise in every election as part of discharging their democratic duty,” he added.

An awareness session in the Azam Hall of City college was taken up before the rally where students were sensitised on practising their fundamental rights.

Demonstration on hosting a Republic day flag was also undertaken on the occasion where students learnt the existing difference between unfurling a Republic day flag and an Independence day flag.

Organisers of the rally included the Mehar organisation, Lion club of Charminar Centennial, Leo club of city college and the National service scheme (NSS)

President of Mehar organisation, Affan Quadri, Lion club members including, Firdous Sahreef, Syed Anwar, Praveen Kumar, Aditya, and Naresh participated along with the college principal and students in the walk.

The organisers finally appealed to the voters to never miss out on casting their vote as each electorate plays a major role in bringing about a revolution in the country.