Hyderabad: Wedding cancelled as bride unhappy with dowry offered by groom

Hyderabad: A wedding was called off on Thursday near the city outskirts as the would-be-bride demanded more dowry from the groom’s family.

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According to reports, the bride sought a dowry of Rs two lakhs, and keeping with the tradition of reverse dowry, the groom’s family had given her the money.

The wedding was set to take place at Pocharam, Ghatkesar on March 9. As the muhurtam for the wedding ceremony neared, the bride did not show up at the wedding venue.

Bewildered by no signs of the bride or her family at the wedding venue, the groom’s family rushed to the hotel the bride was staying at and sought an explanation.

They were left in shock as it was revealed to them that the bride sought more dowry.

The groom’s family approached the police and the bride’s family was called to discuss the matter. Both families compromised and the wedding was called off.