Hyderabad: Woman injured in family feud; cops reject claims of daughter-in-law’s plot

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Hyderabad: A woman and her brother allegedly attempted to kill her mother-in-law over insurance money in Kattela Mandi, Begum Bazar, on May 10. 

According to reports, expecting insurance money after their death, the woman hired contract killers and orchestrated plan to murder her mother-in-law. The contract killers allegedly entered the house and attacked the inmates with sticks and knives. 

As the locals learned about the incident, the unknown assailants fled the scene, and the victims were rushed to a hospital. 

However, when Siasat.com contacted Begum Bazar police, an officer said: “The husband and wife have three children. For the past two or three years, they were facing family problems, and recently, the wife’s father died in an accident. The wife and her brother held her husband responsible for her father’s death. He was constantly criticised.

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He further added that, “On May 10, the wife attacked the husband; during the physical altercation between the couple, the mother-in-law intervened, and in a fit of anger, she pushed her mother-in-law.” 

The police officer added: “There is no insurance money involved.”

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