Hyderabad woman seeks govt help to bring back son stuck in UAE

A 28-year-old Hyderabadi man working in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is allegedly being harassed by his manager, who is not allowing him to return to India. The manager demands Dh 15,000 for his release.

Seeking help, his mother has written a letter to Dr S Jaishankar, minister of external affairs. According to Aktar Begum from Tadlakuntta, Chadrayangutta, her son Mohammed Mushtaq, went to Ajman to work as a cashier at Siet Al Habayeb, a readymade garment firm, in January 2022.

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Begum claims that her son was falsely accused of embezzling funds of the company. In her letter, Begum claims that on June 22, when her son was on duty, the manager searched his room and recovered Dh 40,000 (Rs 9,05,603).

Sunsequently, the manager took Mushtaq’s signatures on plain papers while accusing him of embezzling up to Dirhams 80,000 (Rs 18,11,206). Mushtaq was also threatened if he does not pay the amount.

Aktar Begum said in order to bring her son back she has sold her and daughters gold ornaments and sent him Dh 15,547 (Rs 3,52,000). But her son’s manager claimed that he had not received the amount.

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The manager again asked Akhtar Begum to send Dirhams 15,901 (Rs 3,60,000) to release her son, which she had already sent. However, after receiving the payment, he demanded Dh 1500 (Rs 3,50,000) more.

She continued, “My son is experiencing mental stress and he has no place to stay also he approached the local police stations, labor court, but he got no help.”

“Kindly ask the Indian Embassy or Consulate to contact my son on +971545462137 & +97398162695 and help him,” she said.

Taking to X on Saturday, August 19, MBT spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan shared Mohammed Mushtaq’s details and his mother’s plea to Dr S Jaishankar.