Hyderabad: Worms found in Malla Reddy Univ women’s hostel food, students protest

Hyderabad: Students of Malla Reddy University located on the city’s outskirts protested against the hostel management after insects were found in the food served to the students for consumption in the women’s hostel mess. The students gathered in the mess of the Malla Reddy University, Maissammaguda, and raised slogans demanding justice.

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President of the National Students’ Union of India and Congress MLC Venkat Balmoor also raised the issue on his social media handle and requested authorities to take necessary action with immediate effect against the management of the women’s hostel in Hyderabad.

This is not the first incident where students have agitated and complained over poor food quality at women’s hostels in Hyderabad.

In January, women of Osmania University, Hyderabad, staged a protest in front of the Ladies Hostel Complex in Amberpet against the poor quality of food served to students.

Visibly angry, they sat with empty plates demanding the management take immediate steps to address the issue. “The food served to us contains insects… be it rice or sambhar… it did not happen just once… we are served with bad food quality daily… how can one eat this,” said a student while displaying a plate with rice and vegetable curry.

The female students alleged that repeated complaints to authorities have fallen on deaf ears. “They keep repeating the same thing. Either they say “we will send a memo” or assure us better food quality. But there is no improvement whatsoever,” the student of the OU women’s hostel in Hyderabad added.

The protesting students alleged that 10-20 of their hostel mates had fallen sick complaining of stomach issues. “We do not know about other hostels but the situation has been a constant here,” they said.