Hyderabad: Young entrepreneur Ruhi Fatima launches venture to help housewives

Hyderabad: Despite the appeal of restaurants, many of us often feel this urge to have homemade food no matter where we are stationed. Hyderabad’s SN Ruhi Fatima, the founder of Mamafood.in has come up with a solution.

Ruhi is a final year student, pursuing Civics, Economics and Commerce (CEC) from the Deccan College of Engineering. She came up with the idea to combine her passion to serve people along with her innate entrepreneurial skills.

Shedding light on the reason to launch the business she said, “I wanted to help people access homemade food irrespective of their location and to provide employment to housewives so that they could have a source of income.”

Speaking about the initial challenges in her journey, she said she had planned on setting up a restaurant earlier but the pandemic proved to be a hurdle. Yet, the resolve to initiate a food business was very strong, which helped her create the website mamafood.com. The company was the fastest to launch at Edventure park, an incubation centre that has launched a few student entrepreneurs since its inception in 2019.

It must be noted that the website is a platform for home kitchens, hence there is no fixed menu on the website. However, customers are allowed to choose from the dishes available for the specific day and time.

“Although the primary target of the website is women, there is no such hard-fast rule restricting men from registering on the website. In order to register with us, you can visit the website or contact us on 9398286844 regarding any queries,” Fatima added.

“As of now, there are 12 home chefs registered on the website, three recurring customers, and 11 pre-order customers. The home chefs receive profit based on pre-orders on the website,” she said. (at the time of filing the story)

When discussing her future plans, Ruhi said that she is currently focusing on Hyderabad itself, and the idea is to connect with a maximum number of people residing in business hubs, such as Gachchibowli and the financial district.

In the past, Ruhi had conducted a similar project titled “Madad”, a platform that provided employment to differently-abled people and semi-skilled people in the small, medium, and large sectors.