Hyderabad youth’s suicide mired in mystery; family demands probe

Hyderabad: “He wasn’t weak enough to take his own life,” said a weeping Mohammed Bilal whose 21-year-old son Abrar died by suicide on Monday by hanging from the ceiling fan of his residence in TRT colony, Nallakunta.

On the day of the suicide, the police are said to have arrived at the residence of the victim and forcefully taken away his suicide note from the family. Here it is important to note that before resorting to suicide, Abrar had written a note accusing the Nallakunta police of torture and harassment.

While the police have refuted the claims stating that Abrar was mentally unwell and a repeat offender, the father claims that his son wouldn’t have resorted to such a drastic step so easily.

Abrar’s uncle, Mohammad Ashraf rushed to the police station in an attempt to retrieve the note. “We kept asking for the note because that is the last thing we had of him. When they refused, we had to make peace with a photograph of the note,” he told Siasat.com.

After significant chaos ensued, Abrar’s uncle managed to lodge an FIR with the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kachiguda A Srinivaas to investigate the mystery surrounding Abrar’s demise.

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Abrar’s history:

Ashraf said that Abrar would once in a while consume alcohol and pester his family for money.

Bilal also said that Abrar claimed to have paid bribes to ward off police once in a while. However, as of now, there is no credible way of ascertaining the validity of this claim.

Based on the statements issued by Nallakunta police as well as the station house officer Peram Sudhakar, Abrar was a habitual offender. From 2015 onwards, he is alleged to have been involved in stealing mobile phones. “In 2018, there was also a POCSO case against him for stalking which ended in both parties compromising at the high court,” Sudhakar claimed.

From early 2018 until December 2021 the police surveilled (nigah) Abrar every month in the night to ensure that he was in his home and not loitering outside. As things stand, there is no proof of police harassment like the kind Abrar claimed in his suicide letter, and hence the entire case is mired in mystery.