Hyderabad zoo takes precautions measures in view of bird flu outbreak

Hyderabad: Taking notice after 25,000 birds succumbing to bird flu across the country, the authorities of Nehru Zoological Park on Thursday have initiated 11 major precautionary measures.

Forest department authorities of the state have also been alerted about the issue.

The curator of the zoo has constituted a ‘Rapid Action Force’ team, consisting of veterinary doctors who will monitor the birds on daily basis. This will help the state identify if avian influenza (Bird Flu) has affected the birds.

Avian influenza has already spread over to at least four states of the — Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Rajasthan. According to recent media reports, states such as Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala have been put on high alert after thousands of birds died from the spread of avian influenza.

The 11 major preventive measures are:

  1. To Disinfection of the aviary areas 
  2. Regular monitoring of birds by the Rapid Force Action team
  3. Bio-security measures for air, water and restriction of visitor movement in aviary areas
  4. Provided anti-biotic powder and B-Complex syrup in feed, fish for seven days for birds
  5. Monitoring of migratory birds visiting wetlands of the zoo 
  6. Foot baths with phenyl solution are kept at the main entrance for the visitors to ensure safety
  7. The entire zoo has been disinfected
  8. Arrangement of reflecting ribbons in around the aviary area to avoid perching of free-ranging birds 
  9. All night houses have been whitewashed
  10. Raw chicken is no longer served to the animals and is replaced by minced meat
  11. Viracid, an anti-viral liquid has been sprayed at the bird’s enclosures