Hyderabadi biryani: Know health benefits of delicious dish

Hyderabad: Everybody knows that Hyderabadi biryani is one of the delicious dishes of India but hardly people know that it has a lot of health benefits too.

A recently published report by the African Journal of Food Science and Technology (AJFST) revealed the health benefits of the dish.

As it has a variety of things such as rice, vegetables, egg, meat, etc., it is a complete meal that is not only delicious but also has high nutritional values and health benefits.

Health benefits of Hyderabadi biryani

Though, there are many health benefits of Hyderabadi biryani. The top five are

  1. Benefits internal organs
  2. Helps digestion
  3. Supplies vitamins
  4. Improve liver health
  5. Detoxifies body

As Hyderabadi biryani contains a range of spices that contains antioxidants, it benefits internal organs. The presence of black pepper that is used in Biryani preparation helps in improving the working of the digestive system.

The dish that is rich in sulfuric compounds, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, etc, provides a sufficient amount of vitamins to the body.

As spices produce glutathione which is known as a liver antioxidant, Hyderabadi biryani improves the health of the largest internal organ in the human body. Saffron used in the preparation of the Hyderabadi biryani increases liver enzymes and detoxifies the body.

Biryani topped list of dishes ordered on Swiggy

In 2022, biryani topped the list of dishes ordered on Swiggy. The list of top 10 dishes that were ordered the most included both chicken and veg biryani.

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Swiggy releases list of most ordered dishes in 2022

In the previous year too, biryani topped the list of dishes. As per Swiggy’s report, 115 plates of biryani were ordered per minute in 2021.

As per the statement by food aggregator, “In 2020, 90 biryanis were ordered per minute, which has gone up to 115 in 2021, which comes to 1.91 per second”.

Every year, the demand for the Hyderabadi dish is kept on rising. Now dish lovers have one more reason i.e., biryani’s health benefits to order it more.