Hyderabadi breeder sells dog to Bengaluru man at Rs 20cr

Hyderabad: One of the popular celebrity dog breeders of Bengaluru, Cadaboms Kennel’s owner has bought a dog from Hyderabad priced at Rs 20 crore. Satish, who is known for rearing high-quality and expensive dog breeds, brought this rare Caucasian Shepherd about six months ago, a report in Bangalore mirror said.

The Caucasian Shepherd breed is mostly found in places like Armenia, Circassia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Dagestan and Georgia.

According to the report, the Hyderabadi breeder contacted the Indian Dog Breeders Association president and owner of Cadaboms Kennel and informed him about the dog.

After Satish showed his interest in buying the dog, the Hyderabadi breeder sold it at a staggering price of Rs 20 crore. Satish has named this dog as “Cadabom Hayder”. The dog is about 1.5 years old.

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The Caucasus Shepherd breed which is native to the Caucasus region is known as one the best shepherd dogs. This livestock guardian dog has the unique ability to attack wolves. The dogs of this breed mainly serve as guard dogs and in Russia one can also find them guarding prisons.

The breed was created in the twentieth century by Soviet breeders after selecting some of the breeds of the Caucasian region. The mature Caucasus Shepherd weighs around 45 to 70 kilograms. The lifespan of this breed ranges between 10-12 years.

Reports suggest that Satish also showed keen interest in purchasing the rare breed dogs earlier. He is the owner of Korean Dosa Mastiffs which he purchased at a cost of Rs 1 crore. He had also bought Tibetan Mastiff at Rs 10 crore and Alaskan Malamute at Rs 8 crore earlier.

Cardamom Hayder had recently participated in Trivandrum Kennel Club and Crown Classic Dog Show events. The Rs 20 crore dog has won around 32 medals at various events.

According to the reports, Satish has two pups of the same breed which he bought for Rs 5 crore. Check out his Instagram page here.