Hyderabadi students top among metro cities in Student Confidence Index

Hyderabad: In the newly released Student Confidence Index by Edtech India’s largest school LEAD, Hyderabad has topped the chart among metro cities.

The index was created on the basis of five parameters critical for students to succeed in life. These include Conceptual Understanding, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Exposure to opportunities and platforms.

Hyderabad topped the index with 87 rating points and Ambala with an index score of 62, suggesting that students in India’s metros continue to be more confident than their peers in non-metros. Also, students in metros have a clear advantage over their peers in non-metros in the five core attributes that build confidence.

On the whole girls and boys were at par, barring Mumbai and Chennai where girls edged them out. On the regional scale, West India topped the index at 81, while South and East India hover near the national average.

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Interestingly, LEAD students have outperformed their peers in non-metros across all confidence-building attributes. Speaking of the index, LEAD co-founder CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “For India to be Atmanirbhar, our students need to have Atma Vishwas. But there was no way of knowing the confidence level of students in our country. LEAD’s Student Confidence Index, developed in partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences(LMRF, SMLS), fills this gap.”

“This is an annual survey and will help us monitor the confidence level of our students and help us make focused interventions through our education programs,” he added.