Hyderabad’s Bairamalguda flyover to be inaugurated soon

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A new flyover at Bairamalguda Junction, part of the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP), is all set for its grand opening. This flyover, the sixth to be launched among the planned 14 structures in the L B Nagar package, comes with a price tag of Rs 26.45 crore for construction, forming part of a larger expenditure of Rs 448 crore including property acquisition costs.

The flyover, designed to enhance Hyderabad’s landscape, spans over 780 meters in length and incorporates innovative construction techniques like precast and post-tensioned technology, a first in India. These methods have accelerated the construction process and enhanced safety by reducing on-site work and potential risks.

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Once operational, this flyover will significantly improve traffic flow from Secunderabad up to Owaisi Junction, providing a 95% traffic solution at Bairamalguda Junction and a 43% solution at Sagar Road junction. The project aims to streamline commuting and enhance connectivity within the city.

Despite facing challenges during construction, including an incident where a portion of the flyover collapsed causing injuries to workers, authorities have worked diligently to ensure the completion of this vital infrastructure project.

With its modern design and focus on functionality, this new flyover is poised to become a key element in Hyderabad’s evolving urban landscape, promising smoother journeys for commuters and contributing to the city’s overall development.

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