Hyderabad’s latest dessert craze: ‘Malai Khowa Gulab Jamun Bun’

Hyderabad, being home to bon vivants and food enthusiasts, is renowned for its diverse range of food stalls, eateries, restaurants, and hotels. People here love to please their palates with scrumptious and delicious dishes and drinks. Apart from adopting dishes from Middle Eastern countries and other regions, Hyderabadis also love experimenting with a fusion of different desserts and dishes. Currently, the popular trend in the city is the ‘Malai Khowa Gulab Jamun Bun’, which has been well-received and loved by the people.

Yes, the combo sounds strange, but Hyderabadi guzzlers are going crazy for it and have developed an infatuation for this new combo. The city’s popular food blogger Sneha shared the reel to inform the gourmets of the city about this new dessert combo on her Instagram page ‘guzzlewithsneha’.

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The delectable ‘Malai Khowa Gulab Jamun Bun’ can be savored at Hasan Dairy Production, located at Kakatiya Nagar, Toli Chowki in Hyderabad. Priced at just Rs. 100, it is one of the most affordable desserts available in the city. This unique dessert comprises a bun filled with a delicious combination of malai, khowa, and gulab jamun, which has garnered widespread appreciation across the city.

If you would love to taste this new desert combo, check out the reel below and visit the eatery.

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