‘Hyderabad’s ORR a trailer’: KTR promises 332 km Regional Ring Road

Hyderabad: Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao, KTR, revealed plans for a new development project between the existing Inner Ring Road (IRR) and Outer Ring Road (ORR), with 332 km Regional Ring Road (RRR). “A new Hyderabad will be built between ORR and RRR,” he said while speaking at the Telangana Builders Association meeting here on Tuesday, November 14.

KTR drew parallels between Hyderabad’s potential growth and the rapid urbanization of Beijing. Only under 6.5 years of BRS’ governance (save the undeniable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic during this tenure), we saw Hyderabad transform.

“Hyderabad development is just a trailer; the full movie will be released once we return to power.  We will develop Hyderabad into global cities like Beijing, which has five concentric ring roads,” KTR said, promising the Regional Ring Road which is expected to cover 40 percent of the population, linking 20 towns with national highways.

He further said that if the Congress party comes to power, it will impose a special tax affecting builders in Hyderabad, arguing that it reflects a lack of understanding of the city’s real estate potential. “These people don’t understand the value of Hyderabad and its real estate,” KTR said, advocating BRS for hassle-free governance for builders with initiatives like TS-Bpass, aimed at streamlining building approvals.

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Minister KTR’s vision for Hyderabad is not just about infrastructure but also economic growth and technological advancement. KTR also spoke of the growth Telangana has made in IT, surpassing even Bangalore, a city long considered India’s IT hub, “Last year, 4.50 lakh IT jobs were created in the country, with 1.50 lakh in Hyderabad and 1.46 lakh in Bangalore,” he said. 

“In 1989, the first IT company, ‘INTERGRAPH’, operated from Hyderabad. The growth trajectory, particularly in IT exports, has been remarkable, jumping from Rs. 55 thousand crores in 25 years to Rs. 57 thousand crores in 2022-23 alone,” he said. 

KTR slams Congress

The BRS working President KT Rama Rao also attacked the Congress, saying if they had worked as the BRS had in the last nine years of their rule, the state would have been much more developed than it was now.

“Those before us worked for 65 years. If they worked like us, it would have put the state on the path of further development. They ask for one more chance. We have given them 11 chances,” he said, taking a dig at Congress.

He was speaking after participating in the Telangana Builders Federation meet at Hyderabad.

Congress led farmers into debt: KTR

KTR said that before 2014, a farmer possessing 5 acres of land did not get any proper facilities for farming and fell into ‘debt.’

“Today, any farmer in Telangana will say that even if something happens to him, my family will be fine. The land value has increased since then. We should think about how it has increased,” he claimed.

“The land value has increased not just in Hyderabad but in the entire state. This has brought confidence in the farmers,” he added.

During his speech, he said that no work will happen if there is a change of guard in institutions after every 6 months.

“Stable government, able leadership is the reason for the development in the state. If an institution’s head changes in every 6 months, no work will happen”.

Telangana is scheduled to go to assembly elections on November 30 and the counting of votes, along with those of four other poll-bound states, has been scheduled for December 3.

The state is set to witness a triangular contest among the BJP, BRS, and Congress.

In the previous Assembly election in 2018, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), previously known as Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), won 88 of the 119 seats, hogging 47.4 per cent of the total vote share. The Congress came in a distant second with just 19 seats.