Hyderabad’s physically challenged man rides bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

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Prasanna Kumar is a photographer, marathon runner, bike rider and much more. He said, “Keep chasing your dreams and nothing can stop you,”

While speaking to ANI, Prasanna Kumar said, “At the age of 29, I feel that the boundaries of age are not a boundary for doing any challenging things. I would like to tell all to believe in themselves. Many people think that travelling is very tough.

It is not. You just have to believe in yourself. Try, try until you succeed. Do not get depressed, keep chasing your dreams, it will happen someday.

From a point where I thought that everything is impossible for me, I do a lot of things including riding today.”
Recalling his initial planning for his Kanyakumari to Kashmir ride, he said, “I went for a breakfast ride with a couple of friends. They were discussing this ride there and I wanted to join them.

Kanyakumari to Kashmir is a dream for everyone. However, they had bigger bikes and I had a smaller bike and I understood that I cannot catch up with them. I have a Royal Enfield 2011 model bike.

I came home and told my father that I need an upgraded bike but he did not show any interest in investing in a new bike. Thus, I had to drop off from the ride.”

“Later on, I decided that I have to do it on my own bike. I decided to do a solo ride and prove that the person matters not the bike. I contacted people who has completed this feat earlier. In the initial planning, I did not think that I had to finish it quickly.

I just planned the ride at my own pace. I completed the Kanyakumari to Kashmir ride which is around 3700 km in about four and half days. I started from Kanyakumari to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Jhansi to Delhi to Gulmarg.

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I felt amazing after completing the ride as I had gone through many hurdles during the ride. My bike caused trouble, I had to face heavy traffic and I also faced a shortage of food as many restaurants were closed on the Highway due to Holi festivities.

However, I finished the ride at the end,” he added.
He recalled the incidents that led to the accident that made him physically challenged, he said “After I completed my bachelor’s I wanted to fly to New Zealand but I met with an accident in 2013.

I lost my limb and got stitches on my hand. I was a victim of drink and drive. It took me around one and half years to recover from it. I was just like a normal person before the accident.

I did not show much interest in any special activities. However, after the accident, life has taught me how to move forward.”
He further said, “I have travelled with my own money till now.

Now I am planning to get some sponsors so that I can do many more adventures like sky diving, more rides and many others.”
The wife of Prasanna Kumar, Mounika said to ANI, “My initial thoughts when he told me about the ride was how exactly he would complete the ride.

I was thinking about it but however, I knew that once he thinks about something, he just does it. He has the willpower of doing things no matter the situation.”

“He had inspired me in a lot of ways with his willpower. I always encourage him to go for it. He was very much excited about the ride and I was excited too.

I feel really proud about being his wife and it gives me good vibes. I feel inspired too, she further added.”

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