IIIT’s online program on Foundations of Modern Machine Learning

Hyderabad: A 50-week-long online program on Foundations of Modern Machine Learning commenced at the IHub-Data, in the International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad (IIIT-H) on Monday. The program has been designed for the benefit of undergraduate engineering students across India.

Explaining the rationale behind planning such an online program, Prof CV Jawahar, dean (R&D), IIIT Hyderabad and Smart Mobility Head, IHub-Data, said that despite the availability of a plethora of online courses,  public resources and utilities, there was always a dearth of professionals in Machine Learning, who could solve problems for industry or who could take up research problems.

A glaring omission, especially visible in the popular massive online modes of learning, is the absence of a professional/personal mentoring system. The year-long program has students drawn from all parts of the country, with a fair mix of gender and from different socio-economic settings, said a press release from IIIT-H here on Monday.

Prof Anoop M Namboodiri delivered the first lecture of the program on Introduction to Modern Machine Learning. The 50-week long program consists of lecture sessions, practical sessions, invited talks by experts and also a few social gatherings. The program is expected to conclude in September next year.