IMD predicts rainfall in Telangana for next 3 days

Hyderabad: The India Meteorological Department has predicted light to moderate rainfall at isolated places over Telangana for the next three days, informed A Sravani, Scientist C Incharge, IMD Hyderabad.

According to IMD, the trough and wind discontinuity from west Vidarbha to South Interior Karnataka now runs from west Vidarbha to North Interior Karnataka across Marathwada at 0.9 km above mean sea level.

Sravani further said that the thunderstorm accompanied with lightning and gusty winds with wind speed (30-40 kmph) is very likely to occur at isolated places in a few districts of Telangana.

“Hyderabad weather for the next 24 hours is partly cloudy. Thunder clouds are likely to develop during the evening or night. Surface winds are likely to be Southerlies or South-Easterlies with wind speeds around 06-10 kmph,” Sravani added.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be around 39 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius in the state.