Impact of Work from Home: Cabs stay off roads in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The cab drivers are struggling to make a living as most of the IT and ITES companies in Hyderabad are still following the ‘Work from Home’ model.

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, most companies especially IT and ITES have shifted to the ‘Work from Home’ model.

Earlier, such a model was adopted due to the COVID-19 threat. Now, most of the employees of IT and ITES companies in Hyderabad prefer the Work from Home model as it not only provides flexibility but also saves them from commuting to the office daily.

However, such a model has a huge impact on other employments. Apart from supportive staff employed in the companies, gig workers such as food delivery agents, cab drivers are witnessing financial difficulties.

Talking to New Indian Express, a cab driver V Sudhakar said that earlier, he used to earn 20-25 thousand per month and now he is struggling to earn half of it. Most of his friends who were also cab drivers have joined as daily labourers, he added.

JAC chairman Shaik Salauddin said that cab drivers are staying off roads as they are unable to renew essential documents.

When will work from home end in Hyderabad?

Most of the IT companies in Hyderabad are gearing up to start offices in a full-fledged manner. Large IT companies have already decided to put an end to the Work from Home model while the small firms are likely to take a similar decision soon.

A significant drop in COVID-19 cases coupled with a massive vaccination drive is the reason behind the decision by the companies.

However, these companies are planning to shift to a Hybrid model in which employees have to work a certain number of days from the office.

This hybrid model will certainly give some relief to gig workers and cab drivers in Hyderabad.