Inclement weather in Hyderabad may cause health issues: Medicos

Hyderabad: The inclement weather in Hyderabad for the past two days may cause some health issues, the citizens must take precaution, the medical experts said.  

“Cold with light drizzle leads to viral infections and people suffer from cold and cough.  Preventive measures must be taken and the people must take precaution,” the medical experts said.

The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad witnessed a cold spell since yesterday and many areas had light drizzle during the night leading to a decrease in the temperature.

GHMC taking necessary action

GHMC is taking necessary action to clear the garbage promptly.  The light drizzle always leads to foul smelling of garbage due to the breeding of viral bacteria which causes the spread of viral infections.

“The sudden change in weather during the Corona Pandemic has alerted the Health Department to be more vigorous in their preventive measures.  The citizens must use warm clothing and must avoid cold water. They must consult doctors as the viral fevers like fever, cold and cough may render the immune system weak and any weakness in the immune system could be fatal,” a Health Department Official said. 

As per the weather forecast, the change in weather is temporary and soon the weather would be warm and sunny again with an increase in temperature.