Inclusive policies of govt made Telangana stand strong: Rajat Kumar

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Hyderabad: Special chief secretary, Rajat Kumar at the FTCCI Forum’s interactive meeting said that if the Telangana government’s inclusive policies attributed to the state’s peace, prosperity and progress.

“Trade, Geography and Institution are the three deep drivers of development. And economists always ask what leads to growth. The basic causes of economic development are these,” he added.

The Forum’s interactive meeting on “Peace, Prosperity, Progress in Business Arena” was held at Park Hyatt in Banjara Hills Hyderabad on Wednesday night.”

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Telangana Director General of Police, Anjani Kumar and managing director of Suven Pharma Ltd Venkat Jasti also spoke in the interactive meeting.

Delivering the theme address, Bhaskar Reddy said, “The interactive meeting was curated to learn and share knowledge, and wisdom from a well-learned and eminent panel of speakers.”

Welcoming the gathering Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI said, “Peace, Prosperity and Progress are the three pillars of development for the growth of society, state and country. Peace is the foundation for prosperity and progress. And there is no peace without prosperity which fulfils the needs of citizens.”

Anjani Kumar, while speaking in the interactive session said, “70 years after Independence, our motherland India stands tall with its head high, because of economic growth. It is this economic growth that is the foundation for peace. Whether peace or war, economic development matters.”

“The GDP of the world in the past 4000 years hardly changed. But it changed drastically in the last couple of decades,” he added.

MD of Suven Pharma Venkat Jasti said, “We need peace from home to the workplace and with colleagues, employees, and business partners. That in turn brings prosperity. Peace and prosperity are interconnected.”

“Peace plays a role in economic growth and he gave examples of Kashmir and Pakistan. And agreed with the previous speaker that Geography also makes a huge difference to all three parameters of development,” the MD added.

He recalled how KT Rama Rao once interpreted that peace of doing business was more important than the popular belief of ease and cost of doing business.

The speakers observed that the state has progressed on all fronts in the last seven years.

CEO of FTCCI Khyati Narawane facilitated the interactive meeting and added that speakers were chosen to leave a lasting impact on 150 CEOs assembled in the hall.

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