Incredible and knowledgeable English book by JS Ifthekhar

Hyderabad: Of course, Urdu has the fragrance which has scented the entire world. The sweetness of Urdu even make non-Urdu men and women its friend when they hear the Urdu Ghazal, Nazam, Rubai, Marsiya, etc. Urdu has its own history and to make it more decorative with unparalleled beauty and aesthiticity, the rulers of Deccan had played a vital role.

It is a universal fact that Hyderabad city was founded by a ruler who was also a poet i.e Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah who is the first Urdu poet with a Diwan to his credit. This kind-hearted ruler had his hands in front of ALLAH and said:

Munajaat meri Sun ya Samaa

Manje khush Tu rakh Raat Din ya Samaa

Mera Shaher logon se Mamoor kar

Rakhai Jun tun Darya main Aman ya samaa

And the world had seen ALLAH (SWT) had approved his prayers and it was not only habituated by people but also considered as one of the fine big cities of India.

The writer of this book JS Ifthekhar had started his journalism journey with Siasat Urdu Daily. An English newspaper of The HINDU calibre had welcomed him with open arms and there he rendered his services for 21 years. Apart from this, he rendered his services for 10 years in Indian Express and 2 years in Telangana Today.

Incredible and knowledgeable English book by JS Ifthekhar
English book by JS Ifthekhar

In his book, Ifthekhar had said about Quli Qutub Shah that he was made a ruler when he was just 15 years old in 1588. He ruled Hyderabad Deccan for 32 long years. He developed Hyderabad city on the lines of Iran’s Isfahan city. During his ruling period, the Deccani language was at its peak. There were Persian and Telugu poets apart from Urdu poets in his court. Quli Qutub Shah himself was a Persian, Arabic and Urdu scholar.

Through his writing, Ifthekhar with the title of “emperor poets” has mentioned the great works of Mulla Vajhi, Ghawasi, Ibn-e-Nishib, Tibai, Mulla Nusrat, Wali Mohammed Wali, Sufi poet Siraj Aurangabadi, Sufi Prime Minister Maharaja Sir Krishna Prasad, poet of love Jaleel Manikpuri, first urdu poetess with a Diwan to her credit Lutfunnisa Imtiyaz, dancer and poetess Mailaqa, Awaj Yakoobi Shaaz Tankawat, poet of the labours Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Saeed Shahidi, Salahuddin Nayyar Sulaiman Khateeb, Sarwar Dandi, Moin Amarr Bamboo, Mujtaba Hussain, Abbas Muttaqi, Taqi Abidi and Fazil Hussain Parvez are also mentioned for their great works in the form of their writings. He had also mentioned that during his visit to Hyderabad, poet of the East Allama Iqbal had also paid a visit to Royal Tombs as it is known as Seven Tombs now.

Ifthekhar had included a famous couplet of the late poet Rahat Indori:

Saabhi ka Khoon Shaamil hai Yahan ki Mitti main

Kisike ke Baap ka Hindustan Thoda hi hai

Anyway this book has many features which are for the very first time brought in the limelight and for this credit goes to JS Ifthekhar.

Publishers have fixed the rate of this book as Rs.500 which is available from the office of Siasat Daily, Abids, and from the author as well by contacting on 9440055478.