India can see surge in COVID cases by late January: Doctor

Hyderabad: India can see a surge in Covid-19 cases by the end of January 2022, a Hyderabad-based doctor warned.

“We expect a surge in COVID-19 numbers by end of January because we are no different from the world. We will face what the world is facing,” Dr Sambit, Director (Medical) of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad said.

“As of now we haven’t seen a significant surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, but it has been tricking slowly. Over the last month, the count down was zero but since the last week, patients have been reporting, though they are not diagnosed with severe disease,” Dr said.

“We are not sure whether it’s an omicron variant or delta variant because that needs genetic testing. Most of them are suffering from fever, headache, a stuffy nose, and cough. As of now, we haven’t seen any patient suffering from shortness of breath required a hospitalisation,” he added.

Talking about those below 18 years who haven’t been vaccinated yet, Dr Sambit said, “try to avoid gathering whether it’s the new year or Christmas. We have learned a lesson in the last year already. Remember that and follow the covid protocols like hand sanitisation, wearing a face mask, and social distance.”

“We are expecting the third wave soon, hospitals have been boasting with all medical facilities like oxygen, vaccine, and medicines. What world will be facing, we will be facing the same thing in coming days,” Dr Sambit said.

Dr Praveen, senior consultant Internal medicine said, “it will be a hurry to say whether cases are Omicron or delta variant but as per the symptoms we can say these are COVID-19 cases.”

“There are four prominent symptoms that differentiate delta and omicron variants from COVID-19, these are like Tiredness, joint pain, cold and high fever like 102 temperature, 108 temperature,” Dr Praveen said.
“We need to follow the covid protocols like wearing a face mask, avoiding gathering, sanitising hands, and social distance,” he said. (ANI)