Indian Racing League inaugural relocated from Hyderabad to Chennai

Hyderabad: The opening event for the second season of the Indian Racing League (IRL) will no longer be hosted by Hyderabad and has been shifted to Madras in Chennai.

The street racing carnival was scheduled to kick off in Hyderabad on November 4 and 5, but the organisers had to shift the venue due to a force majeure event that has been invoked keeping in mind the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) across Telangana ahead of the Assembly elections.

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“The race weekend for both the F4 Indian Championship and the Indian Racing League will remain the same, with only the venue changed to Madras International Circuit (MIC) in Chennai,” stated a press release.

Organisers have further informed that a full refund will be issued to ticket holders and details regarding the same will be sent to the registered emails by Paytm Insider.

This race event was scheduled to start in Hyderabad and then move to New Delhi with Chennai hosting the season finale. However, the sudden shift in venue comes as a disappointment to fans in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Blackbirds, Godspeed Kochi, Bangalore Speedsters, Chennai Turbo Riders, Goa Aces, and Speed Demons Delhi will be the six teams competing in the league, with each team consisting of a female driver.