Indigo airlines asked to pay compensation of Rs 10K to Hyderabad couple

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Hyderabad: Indigo Airlines has been directed to pay compensation of Rs 10,000 to a Hyderabad couple for their experience during a flight from Hyderabad to Bengaluru in 2021. According to the complainant, D Radhakrishna, the experience was unpleasant due to an unhygienic and unsanitized flight.

In the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission-1 Hyderabad, he alleged that the coach was filled with garbage, plastic bottles, and used napkins. He further stated that due to the unhygienic conditions on the flight, his spouse experienced nausea and vomiting.

Hyderabad Man never mentioned health issue, says Indigo Airlines

On the other hand, Indigo alleged that the complainant had never previously mentioned the health issues faced by his spouse due to the conditions on the flight.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the bench stated that Indigo was expected to maintain hygiene before the embarkation of passengers. The airline has been ordered to pay the compensation amount within 45 days from July 1.

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Airline asked to pay compensation earlier too

Earlier, Indigo Airlines was directed to pay compensation of Rs 30,000 to a Hyderabad man for failing to promptly inform him about the cancellation of his flight.

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In this case, the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-II Hyderabad directed the airline to pay the compensation amount within 45 days from March 28. After the deadline, an interest rate of 12 percent will be levied.

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