Indrakaran Reddy inaugurates new facilities at Hyderabad zoo

Hyderabad: Telangana minister of Forest and Environment Indrakaran Reddy inaugurated new facilities at Nehru Zoological Park on Thursday, December, 23.

The Zoo Park that was constructed in 1963, is located near Mir Alam Tank, Hyderabad. It has updated various new facilities including a modernized Safari Gate with Command Control Room for bird aviation and CCTV cameras.

Wild dogs were also released into the chambers for the safety of other animals. These dogs, also called whistling hunters, were received from Pilikula Biological Park, Mangalore, Karnataka. They can hunt herbivores like Sambar, spotted deer, and Neelgai.

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An aviary has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 133 lakh realized through entry fees and other services in the zoo. It exhibits over 680 birds belonging to 60 species from different mainlands.

The aviary is constructed in an area of 17,458 square feet, consists of 36 compartments for housing colorful Indian and exotic birds. The chambers have been improved with shrubs, flowering plants, tall grasses, water pools and baths, nests, swings, nesting boxes, etc.

For better safety monitoring of the zoo premises, visitor management and to study the animal behavior, 200 CC cameras covering the entire 380 acres have also been installed. In the second phase, the installation of another 250 CC cameras is to be taken up.