Inspirational story of muezzin’s son, aeronautical engineering student

Hyderabad: The story of Mohammed Musharraf Hussain, a third-year Aeronautical Engineering student, is a true testament to the power of perseverance and determination. Despite facing numerous financial difficulties, Hussain never lost sight of his dream to become an aeronautical engineer.

Hussain was born in Nalgonda district to a muezzin and his wife, who is a saree weaver. His father earned a meagre salary of Rs 4000 per month. From a very young age, Hussain knew that he wanted to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering, while his elder brother aspired to become a neurologist.

Despite their family’s financial struggles, Hussain and his brother remained steadfast in their determination to achieve their goals. Hussain excelled in academics, scoring 87 percent in his SSC exams and 440 out of 470 in his intermediate first year. He continued to impress with a score of 905 in his intermediate second year.

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However, financial constraints made it challenging for the brothers to pursue their dreams. They turned to the Managing Editor of Siasat Daily for financial support for coaching for the EAMCET and NEET exams.

With their hard work and determination, Hussain’s elder brother secured a seat in medicine after clearing NEET. In 2020, Hussain cracked EAMCET and secured a rank of 17000. His passion for aeronautical engineering drove him to pursue a seat in the field.

To overcome financial difficulties, he against approached Siasat Daily and Faiz-e-Aam Trust, both of which provided financial support for his education.

Hussain’s passion for aeronautical engineering continued to grow, and he made significant strides in the field. In 2021, he received an opportunity from the Automated Engineering society in Florida to work on a project. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, he had to turn down the offer. However, this setback did not dampen his spirits, and he continued to work hard.

Hussain’s dedication and hard work paid off when he developed a hybrid aerial vehicle that combined the features of a helicopter and an aircraft. The vehicle has potential applications in defence, agriculture, and payload delivery. He even published a research paper under the guidance of his faculties.

Hussain’s future plans include pursuing a master’s degree in unmanned aerial vehicle systems at Cranfield University in the UK. He also wishes to help students who face financial difficulties in pursuing their education once he secures a job.

Hussain’s story of overcoming financial challenges and pursuing his passion for aeronautical engineering is inspirational for all those who want to achieve something in life.