Insulted for showing up drunk, lab technician at Hyderabad hospital found dead

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Hyderabad: A lab technician working in the cardiology block of Vasavi Hospital died under suspicious circumstances after he was allegedly insulted and thrown out of the hospital for going to work in an intoxicated condition.

K Kanaka Reddy, 40, a resident of Vidyanagar, has been working as a cath lab technician at Vasavi Hospital located in Lakdikapul for seven years. On Friday morning, when he went to attend his duty, the hospital staff confronted him and asked him to leave the premises, as he had gone to work in an intoxicated condition.

According to the hospital staff, there was an argument between a hospital employee named Shanthi and Reddy, and the former held him by his collar and threw him out of the hospital while everybody was watching. Having felt insulted, Reddy called his wife Kalpana and informed her about the incident.

“He was very depressed over the incident and told me that he wanted to die. I asked him where he was, so that I could go there, but he told me that he will come home by himself. But he didn’t call afterwards,” Kalpana told

At around 3 pm on Friday, Kalpana received a text message from the hospital management, informing her that her husband wasn’t allowed to perform his duties, as he had come intoxicated. The hospital management also gave a disclaimer that they couldn’t be held responsible if anything happened to him.

In the wee hours of Saturday, Kalpana received a call from Nallakunta police station, informing her that Reddy was found lying lifeless by the side of the road in Nallakunta, a little distance away from their residence.

Family members stage protest

Shocked, shattered and enraged, the family members of Kanaka Reddy went to the hospital to know the truth behind his suspicious death. The hospital management evaded any discussion with the bereaved family members, saying the managing director and the in-charge were not available.

The family members staged a sit-in along with the mortal remains of Kanaka Reddy in front of the cardiology block, demanding answers and justice. Reddy is survived by his only son Sreeyan Reddy, who is seven years old. The parents of Kanaka Reddy are farmers who own two acres of land in Appanapally village of Dubbak mandal in Siddipet district. He was their elder son and the only bread-winner in the family.

One of the hospital’s staff told that it was just a case of a man getting drunk and dying, and nothing else.

According to Ganga Reddy, a relative of Kanaka Reddy, the circle inspector of Nallkunta police station received their complaint against the hospital management and assured that justice would be served.

After the post-mortem of the deceased and circle inspector assuring that justice, the bereaved family took the mortal remains to his native village on Saturday evening to perform his final rites.

The police are investigating whether he died by suicide, due to the consumption of alcohol, or for some other reason.

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