Is Telangana preparing for Rs 500 LPG cylinders, free electricity scheme?

Hyderabad: Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Congress government in Telangana has directed officials to prepare comprehensive plans for implementing schemes that offer Rs 500 LPG gas cylinders and free electricity up to 200 units.

According to a report published in The Hindu, besides two of the six guarantees made in the recently concluded assembly polls in the state, Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has also directed officials to prepare a plan for the implementation of a housing scheme.

The Finance department has been directed to make provisions in the budget for the implementation of two guarantees.

Earlier, the Telangana government implemented free bus travel for women and enhanced the medical coverage under the Arogyasri health insurance scheme from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. Now, the government plans to implement two more guarantees soon.

Applications for Rs 500 LPG cylinders, free electricity schemes in Telangana

In the recently concluded Praja Palana program held from December 28 to January 6, a total of 91.49 lakh women applied for subsidized LPG cylinders priced at Rs 500. Additionally, during the program, 92.23 lakh women applied for financial aid. Subsidized gas and financial assistance received the highest number of applications compared to other guarantees.

However, applications were also received for 200 units of free electricity in Telangana.

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What is Mahalakshmi scheme in Telangana?

The Mahalakshmi scheme in Telangana, promised by the Congress, aims to provide Rs 2500 per month to women, offer LPG cylinders at Rs 500, and provide free bus travel for women in the TSRTC.

While the Congress government has initiated free bus travel for women in the TSRTC, the implementation of the promise to provide financial aid and LPG cylinders at Rs 500 in the state is still pending.

It remains to be seen whether the Telangana government will roll out schemes to provide 200 units of free electricity, Rs 500 LPG cylinders, and other benefits before the announcement of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) or not.