IT dept targets ‘benami vehicles’ in Hyderabad after crackdown on properties

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Income Tax Department has now set its sights on benami vehicles after targeting benami properties. The department has issued an order to ban the purchase and transfer of a Mercedes Benz G350 purchased in Hyderabad, declaring it as a benami vehicle. The department claims that the vehicle belongs to a leading real estate businessman in Hyderabad, but it is registered in someone else’s name.

Under Section 24 of the Prevention of Benami Property Transfer Act, the Income Tax Department has issued orders to attach the vehicle and has written a letter to the Department of Road Transport Authority to stop its transfer and sale. The vehicle is reportedly worth Rs 1.27 crore, according to income tax officials.

Sources state that the Income Tax Department is also taking steps to obtain details of other vehicles owned by the alleged owner of this Mercedes Benz, which are said to be worth crores of rupees. Officials are keen to ascertain the anonymous owner of the vehicle and its real owner. In addition, the department has provided details about the challans issued for this vehicle to the Road Transport Authority. Two challans were issued for using black glasses in the vehicle, and another was issued in Puppalaguda.

It is believed that following the attachment orders of this vehicle, the Income Tax Department will also obtain details about the ownership and purchase of the other vehicles held by the alleged owner.

The action against benami vehicles is part of the government’s crackdown on benami transactions. The government has taken a strong stance on benami transactions, as they are often used to evade taxes and launder money. The Income Tax Department has been given extensive powers to identify and seize benami properties and vehicles, and action is being taken against those who are found to be involved in such transactions.

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