Jharkhand political crisis: Congress on guard at Hyderabad resort

Hyderabad: Separate dining arrangement, police personnel to guard the rooms and several other arrangements are in place at a resort here to ‘protect’ Congress legislators of Jharkhand against ‘poaching efforts,’ sources in the grand old party said on Saturday, February 3.

The Jharkhand legislators, who arrived here on February 2 in chartered flights, were taken to the Leonia Holistic Destination at Shamirpet here and all the about 40 MLAs were housed in the ‘Oh biz block,’ under the watchful eyes of AICC Secretary and in charge of Telanagana Deepa Das Munshi.

Meticulous preparations of party managers to prevent unauthorised access was palpable.
Such preparations are to fend off the possible challenge of ‘poaching’ attempts by the BJP.
For instance, entry into the floor in the resort where MLAs stay is restricted to just one lift, which can be used only by duly authorised persons besides the legislators.

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No one can reach the place where legislators stay by using other lifts or through other ways. Police officers are guarding the exit and entry points to the lifts 24 x 7.

The rooms where legislators stay is guarded by police personnel and ‘unauthorised’ exit or entry is barred.
Also, separate dining arrangements have been made for the MLAs on the first floor, which is out of bounds for other guests. The dining hall too has tight police security.

Sources said ‘phones are still with the MLAs’ and the resort is teeming with police officers in plain clothes.
About 40 MLAs of the ruling JMM-led alliance in the state flew to the Telangana capital on Friday amid the coalition’s fears that the BJP may attempt to “poach” them in the run-up to a trust vote.

Police have put up barricades on an approach road leading to the resort and entry of vehicles has been restricted.

The sprawling facility offers extensive banquet halls, meeting and event facilities.

Telangana Congress sources said the Jharkhand MLAs would leave for Ranchi on February 5, when the Champai Soren government faces the trust vote.