Jubilee Hills rape: 6 accused apply for bail; police files counter

Hyderabad: In a major development in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case, the lone adult has filed a bail petition in the court while the five minors have filed for a bail petition in the Juvenile Justice Board.

The Jubilee Hills police station has filed a counter against the bail pleas in question.

It has also been learnt that a medical test conducted on all the accused confirmed that they are potent.

The accused had undergone potency test at the Forensic Science department of Osmania General Hospital.

Why potency test was conducted?

As per section 53A of CrPc, persons who are accused of rape or rape attempt have to undergo a detailed examination by a registered medical practitioner.

The potency test confirms whether the persons who are accused in the rape case are capable of sexual intercourse.

In the Jubilee Hills gang rape case, the potency test result along with other evidences including technical ones will make the prosecution case strong.

Police may question people related to offense

As cops have already started questioning the accused in the rape case and gathered evidences, they may now summon other people who are related to the offense.

The cops have not yet decided whether to book parents of minors who drove the cars.

As per police, the parents of the minors were not aware that their children had taken the cars.

Cops to counter bail plea

Meanwhile, the cops are getting ready to counter the bail pleas of the accused. They are also planning for identification parade of the accused.

The cops have earlier moved petitions for identification parade and collection of blood samples of accused.

The identification parade will pave way for charge sheet.