KCR insulted state by removing ‘Telangana’ from party’s name: Congress’ Mahesh Goud

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President and senior Congress leader Mahesh Goud on Tuesday attacked K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) over several leaders from Andhra Pradesh joining the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samiti (BRS) party.

Talking to ANI, Goud attacked KCR for “removing” the word ‘Telangana’ from the name of his party.

“Telangana is a sentimental state. We got a separate state by the grace of Sonia Gandhi only on a sentiment basis. Now, he has removed the word ‘Telangana’ from his party and made it BRS. What sentiment does KCR have towards Telangana? Now, joining Andhra leaders into the Telangana party is nothing but insulting the Telangana leadership and cadre,” he said.

The Congress leader claimed that Telangana had become “bankrupt” under the KCR government.

“KCR is a total failure as CM. Telangana has become bankrupt. The debts have increased to Rs5 lakh crores from Rs 65,000 crores in 2014. Now, KCR is talking about national prospects. It has become his habit to make false commitments and defy them. He had promised 1 lakh jobs to the young generation of Telangana. He assured that a Dalit would become the Telangana CM and three acres of land will be given to Dalit people. KCR has cheated the Telangana people. He has no moral right to float a national party,” he said.

Mahesh Goud further attacked BRS, and claimed that Congress will bounce back in the state.

How can he implement Dalit Bandu and Rythu Bandu across the country, when he has totally failed in Telangana? How many people have received Dalit Bandu in the last 2 years? He started this program just for the Huzerabad elections. BRS is only a namesake party. To become a national party, he has to win in other states also, but can he win even in adjacent states like Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra? He is not in a position to win a councillor seat how can he be a national party? Congress party will emerge in Telangana and bounce back,” he added.