KCR wants medical team to visit Delhi, Maha to study COVID-19 spread control

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials to implement a two-pronged strategy of continuing the fever survey, distribute the Medical Kits and step up the Covid tests to curtail the Corona Virus spread in the State.

He said that there should be a study done in places like Delhi where the Corona spread was controlled and if need be, a medical team should visit Delhi to examine and study the situation.

Chief Minister made it clear to the officials that the state government had no other issue on top priority other than containing Corona on its agenda and it is ready to spend crores of rupees for this. If need be, the government would take loans and spend to curtail Corona

The CM said that the on-going Fever Survey and distribution of medical kits, first of its kind in the country, is yielding good results and it should be continued. He said all those who are coming to the Primary Health Centres for the Corona tests should be tested without rejecting them. The CM wanted increase in the number of Rapid Antigen Test Kits and in all the medical centres.

“So far we are getting good results in reducing percentage of Corona. But we have to work to reduce its percentage of spread further. We have to learn from the good experiences and there is nothing wrong in it” said KCR

He said from tomorrow the Kits number should be increased and if need be the manufacturers should be asked to increase the production and supply.

The CM also suggested, in the backdrop of Black Fungus disease spreading, for the treatment, special beds should be created and required medicines should be arranged in the State immediately.

The CM held a high-level review meeting here on Monday at Pragathi Bhavan on curtailment of Corona, Black Fungus Vaccine, implementation of the lockdown.

“Corona is on the decrease in the State. Lockdown is being implemented in the state strictly for the well-being of the people, their welfare and as part of protecting their health. Against this backdrop, to curtail Corona spread, we have to implement a twin-pronged strategy.

Continue the fever survey and supply of medical kits to the needy as the programme is giving good results. At the same time, do not deny tests to the Corona suspected people. Don’t have any restrictions on the number of tests.
Conduct tests to those coming to the PHCs. A majority of people who come to take the tests are the poor. Hence don’t deny even a single test. Increase the distribution of medical kits as well as number of tests.”

Following the decision to increase the tests, the CM instructed that the Rapid Antigen Test Kits should be increased to 50 Lakh.

The CM also instructed Medical and Health department officials to talk to the manufacturers of these Kits, ensure the required supply and distribute the same to the PHCs and all the testing Labs. The CM made it clear that the process of recruiting doctors and other medical staff should be done immediately as the government had already instructed the Collectors and Medical officials to recruit them. The CM directed Health Director Srinivas Rao to immediately hold a teleconference with the DMHOs and inquire about the recruitments, availability of medicines and the facilities in the hospitals.

He also instructed the Health Director to get a report in this regard. He also reiterated that the funds and spending money should not be any constraint to take measures to control the spread of Corona in the State.

The CM has instructed Finance Minister Harish Rao to review on the departments such as police, Medical and health whose expenditure is increased due to the Lockdown and enhance their budget and also identify the departments whose expenditure is reduced due to the lockdown.

The CM also suggested that all the beds should be converted into Oxygen beds and measures to be taken to increase Oxygen production in the state 600 MT. The CM instructed Corona Task Force Team Chairman and Minister KT Rama Rao talk to the Vaccine manufacturers to supply the required vaccinations to the state to administer the second dose to the people who are waiting in large numbers in the State. The CM also instructed the officials concerned to be on a high alert to face the situation arising out when a third wave occurs.

Reports suggest that Delhi Government is successfully curtailing the spread. Maharashtra also achieved good results in curtailing the spread. Find out what are the other states where the Corona spread is curtailing to a large extent and what are the measures and action plan they have taken, “the CM told Medical and Health Officials.

“Though the percentage of Corona is on the decrease, if we can get the percentage to 5 we will be called victorious. Medical and health officials should take measures towards this goal,” the CM said.

He also discussed about the post Covid developments and the Black Fungus disease and what measures to be taken to curtail it. The Medical and Health officials informed the CM that for the Black Fungus patients, 150 Beds in Gandhi and 250 Beds in ENT Hospitals were allotted.

“People from the neighboring States are coming here for the treatment of Covid and Black Fungus. The state’s population is four crore. But in the case of Corona treatment it should be counted as 10 Crore. It appears that we cannot escape from giving treatment to people coming from other states,” the CM said.

. He said the entire situation is grim due to Corona and Black Fungus. At this juncture along with the Government medical and health network, machinery, the private medical sector and others too should respond with a humanitarian attitude.