KCR’s daughter comes to rescue of pregnant woman

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter and state legislator K. Kavitha has come to the rescue of a pregnant woman amidst the ongoing lockdown.

Acting on a request received on Twitter, she got the 23-year-old woman admitted to a private hospital and paid for all her medical expenses.

Jyothi, hailing from Kosagi, on Monday, delivered a baby boy. She responded well to the surgery and both mother and the newborn were doing well.

Jyothi was ailing and facing severe complications as she was nearing her delivery. Her husband Raju Naik, a cab driver, was also finding it difficult to meet the medical expenses and had launched a crowd funding campaign to pay for the delivery.

On learning about their problem and crowd funding campaign, Kavitha reached out to the family and personally looked into the case of Jyothi. Given her delivery complications, Kavitha moved her to a private hospital and decided to bear all the medical expenses to ensure that both Jyothi and the unborn were safe.

The family has been overwhelmed by the gesture by Kavitha, who pursued the matter and ensured best medical care to the woman and their child.

Drawing inspiration from Kavitha’s gesture, Naidu has decided to offer free cab rides to pregnant women