Keeping Hyderabad clean, a mere pipe dream

Hyderabad: The failure of GHMC to keep the city clean has lead to the citys streets, mohallas and colonies turning into dumping grounds. Some people lacking the civic sense are also making the situation worse as they started throwing their garbage in places which violates the sanctity of the mosques, dargahs and burial grounds.

Such unscrupulous garbage dumping, specially in the rainy season, could lead to decomposition of the waste, unbearable stench and pandemic diseases.

The banners prohibiting garbage throw have been displayed in places like Dargah Abdullah Shah Naqashbandi at Naqashbandi Chaman, Misriganj and other burial grounds. But still huge piles of the garbage are found at these and other places in old city.

Some responsible citizens of Mughalpura and Kotla Alijah tried to create drinking water facilities in place of the cleaned dumping grounds so that the people could abstain from throwing their garbage. But their efforts went in vain and the garbage piling is back as usual.

The situation is not any different at a government school near the traffic police station wall at Falaknuma and near the wall of Bundlaguda Tehsildars office, even though the banners appealing the public not to dump garbage are displayed at these places.

The GHMCs failure to pick the garbage daily has worsened the situation further and made the environs unbearable in all these areas. If no timely action is taken by the GHMC the situation may further aggravate and lead to unbearable odor and spread of pandemic diseases.