Khansland to provide Islamic teachings to Hyderabadi kids in fun zone

Hyderabad: Muslims across the globe have started preparations to welcome the much revered and blessed month of Ramadan. The ninth month of Islamic calendar ,Ramadan is expected to start from March 23 and run through April ending this year in India.

Prior to Ramadan, Muslims began to take various initiatives which help everyone to get closer to the Omnipotent Allah. Some have started reaching out to poor people of the community while others are creating awareness and highlighting the importance of Ramadan. Talking about Hyderabad, shopkeepers have started launching special offers for this holy month while NGOs and other social welfare organisations are trying to expedite their missions.

City’s popular Islamic gift shop, ‘Khansland‘ has come up with a unique idea this year to serve the community. ‘Khansland’ in collaboration with ‘Khansland Kids Klub’ announced ‘Ramadan Project’ where members of the club will teach Muslim children the basics of Islam.

In a communique issued here, the club said that it is going to organise a one day interactive fun workshop for kids where they will also be taught the basics of Islam. The kids can enjoy various indoor games, other activities alongside learning the basics of Islam. The innovative concept of the club aims to teach kids Islam so that they will remember the lessons taught in the club forever.

The invitation poster of the club also reads, ” In a world full of duniya,let your child experience their deen.” The club wants to give the Hyderabadi kids an overview of the teachings and basic principles of Islam.

One of the club members while talking to said, ” It is time to teach the Muslim kids the basics of Islam, so that they can help make the world a peaceful place to live in. In contemporary times, where everyone wants to earn money,we should seek blessings.”

‘Our motive is to provide Islamic education to the Muslim kids in a fun zone. This is the biggest charity. Everyone is helping people in Ramadan but no one thinks about kids. We want to make kids ready to live life in an Islamic way with knowledge of both ‘Deen’ and ‘Duniya’, ” the member concluded.

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So, if you want your child to gain Islamic knowledge while having fun, then reach to A&M Banquet Hall at Banjara Hills on 26th of March. The timings to attend the workshop is from 2:00 PM to 7 :00PM. Only children upto 12 years old can attend the workshop.

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