Kishan Reddy attacks Rahul Gandhi for ‘insulting’ Telangana’s BC community

Hyderabad: Union minister and Telangana BJP chief G Kishan Reddy said on Thursday that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s words humiliated the BC community.

He was responding to the comments by Rahul Gandhi on the BJP’s promising to appoint a BC (Backward Class) leader as chief minister of Telangana. Rahul had said that BJP would only get two percent votes in Telangana and asked how could the party make a BC chief minister with two percent votes.

G Kishan Reddy posted on X, “Rahul Gandhi spoke arrogantly. The backward communities in Telangana have been humiliated. His words are insulting the aspirations of the backward classes who depend on labour for their livelihood.”

He said the BJP was working towards the welfare and progress of the backward classes, who constitute 55% of Telangana’s population. “BJP is working towards the fulfilment of the hopes of the backward classes… their social, economic, and political goals. While Rahul Gandhi, who cannot tolerate Mr Narendra Modi from the BC community as the Prime Minister, now questions BJP’s intent of appointing a BC chief minister in Telangana.”

 He said: “If the backward communities of Telangana continue to be insulted like this, the Congress will certainly be limited to 4 seats in the next elections.” 

Earlier this week, while addressing a poll rally in Kalwakurthy, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress had “punctured” BJP’s ambitions in Telangana