Know the cost of staying in Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai!

A visit to Dubai and the Burj Khalifa is a dream for many people. The luxury vibe, glamour, world-class dining, and vibrant nightlife is something that attracts tourists from across the globe. Standing at over 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is the centerpiece of it all and the building offers visitors a chance to take in breathtaking views of the city from its observation deck, At The Top. The modern architecture and luxury amenities makes it a must-see destination for anyone who is dreaming of visiting Dubai. But, do you know the cost of staying in the world’s largest building? Scroll down to check.

Planning a staycation at Burj Khalifa?

This tallest free-standing structure has more than 160 stories. The building which took six years to complete has a rich array of amenities and services. There are a variety of commercial, residential and hospitality ventures inside the building.

From enjoying the live fountain show from high up to visiting the top of the building, you can enjoy various activities here. You can have a spa at The Armani hotel, work out at The Burj Club, dine at At Mosphere, do amazing sightseeing at Observation Deck etc. You might be thinking that you can’t afford it as it needs to be a billionaire to board on the longest elevators of the Burj Khalifa. But wait, You are wrong.. Life is too short. Earn and enjoy.. If you want to talk to clouds at Burj Khalifa then keep reading. We will tell you everything about the ticket booking process in Burj Khalifa.

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You can visit floor number 124 & 125 of the Burj Khalifa and enjoy various activities here. These floors are included in the “At the Top” section of the building. These two levels aren’t at the very top but over halfway up the building. Most of the visitors visit here and it is affordable to upper middle-class people also. (Below prices and other details are as per Burja Khalifa’s official website).

Ticket Price details for 124th & 125th floor

Non-prime hours ticket price (from 9 am to 3:30 pm and from 6:30 pm until closing)

Adult (12 years+) INR 3,060 approx
Child (4-12 years) INR 2,365 approx
Infant (below 4 years) Free

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Prime hours ticket price (from 4 pm to 6 pm)

Adult (12 years+) INR 4,550 approx
Child (4-12 years) INR 2,722 approx
Infant (below 4 years) Free

SKY Lounge (Floor number 148)

If you purchase a ticket for the SKY luxury lounge which is on the 148th floor, you will also get access to the “At the Top” level. Below is the price list of prime and non-prime tickets for the 14th floor.

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Non-prime hours tickets (from 7 pm until closing)

Adult (12 years+) INR 7,232 approx
Child (4-12 years) INR 7,232 approx
Infant (below 4 years): Free

Prime hours ticket (from 9:30 am until 6 pm)

Adult (12 years+) INR 9,220 approx
Child (4-12 years) INR 9,220 approx
Infant (below 4 years): Free

Burj Khalifa’s VIP Lounge – Floor 154

Guess what…You can visit the highest floor of Burj Khalifa. It is a little bit costly but you can easily visit the highest floor known as the ” VIP Lounge”. You can enjoy the solid sunset here and you will be allowed to only at 4pm.

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Ticket prices for both children and adults are the same. It will cost approx INR 15,000 to visit the tallest building’s last floor.

The hotel rooms and suites in the Burj Khalifa range from around Rs 43K per night for a standard room, and can go up to several lakhs per night for a luxury suite.

Below is the price two persons will be charged for one room per night.

Classic Double Room————————–INR 43992 approx
Deluxe Double Room ————————-INR 44401 approx
Premier Suite ———————————INR 48073 approx
Fountain Suite ——————————–INR 57623 approx
One-Bedroom Residence———————INR 59663 approx
Armani Executive Suite ———————–INR 61377 approx
Armani Ambassador Suite——————–INR 105207 approx
Armani Ambassador Suite with Balcony—–INR 114757 approx
Armani 2-bedroom Residence —————INR 131080 approx
Armani Signature Suite———————–INR 143323 approx
Armani Dubai Suite—————————INR 311051 approx

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The above-mentioned information may vary and to avoid the queue, you can book the tickets online also. Some of the travel and room booking sites may offer you cheaper tickets than the price mentioned on the official website of the Burj Khalifa.

So, what are you waiting for …Let’s go to Dubai …If you can’t afford the hotel for a night stay but you can at least afford to visit the building during prime or non-prime hours. Make your dreams come to try and book the flight. Do let us know in the comments section about your experience you have at the world’s tallest building.