Kothaguda flyover gets signboards after Hyderabad residents express concerns

Hyderabad: Kothaguda multi-level flyover that was inaugurated recently at Botanical Garden Junction in Hyderabad was posing threat to commuters due to missing signboards and a sudden split just after a curve.

After residents of the city expressed concerns over the road design and missing signboards and road markings, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) came into action.

The corporation has not only completed the road marking but also erected direction boards for the smooth flow of traffic and to avoid any untoward incident on the Kothaguda flyover.

Sudden split after deep curve at Kothaguda flyover

The residents of Hyderabad have expressed their concerns over the sudden split of the flyover after a deep curve at Kothaguda Junction.

At the junction, the flyover splits into two. One leads to Kondapur RTO and another one to Hitec City. Many commuters were forced to apply brakes at the junction to decide which route to be taken. A few of them were even ending up taking wrong route.

A few of them had shared their concerns on social media. Following are some of the tweets

Built under the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) with Rs. 263.09 crores by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), the main flyover has five lanes from the SLN Terminus up to Botanical Junction, six lanes from Botanical Junction up to Kothaguda Junction and three lanes from Kothaguda Junction up to Kondapur RTO Office. The length of the main flyover is 2,216 meters.

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The up ramp of the flyover at Botanical Garden has two lanes and 401 meters long. It facilitates traffic from Masjid Banda road to Botanical Garden Junction. The down ramp towards Hitec City is three lanes and 383 meters and facilitates traffic from Kothaguda Junction towards Hitec City.

List of flyovers inaugurated recently in Hyderabad

In recent months, many flyovers were inaugurated in Hyderabad. Some of them are as follows

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