KPMG report highlights Hyderabad as an emerging talent hub

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Hyderabad ranks among the top cities in terms of overall quality of living. The ‘Talent Feasibility Report,’ highlights Hyderabad as a dynamic and emerging talent hub in India. The report offers valuable perspectives for organizations navigating the changing talent landscape.

According to the report released by the Indian unit of KPMG, a global professional services network, Hyderabad ranks among the top cities in terms of overall quality of living.

It also reveals that Hyderabad, along with Chennai and Delhi, has a lower cost of living index, making it an attractive option for both businesses and employees.

KPMG India’s research indicates that Hyderabad is enhancing its business environment by offering competitive commercial leasing prices. This trend is making the city increasingly attractive for organizations looking to establish operations.

The report underscores the evolving employment scene in Indian cities, with Hyderabad gaining prominence alongside other developing metros. Factors such as talent availability, government support, infrastructure development, and cost considerations are reshaping organizations’ location strategies and talent acquisition approaches.

Sunit Sinha, Partner and Head of People, Performance, and Culture at KPMG in India, commented that “KPMG India’s ‘Talent Feasibility Study’ report highlights the critical importance for organisations to stay abreast of market trends and deeply analyse the factors influencing their choice of work locations.

KPMG India’s study on talent availability indicates that Hyderabad is rising to meet growing demands, emerging as a potential hub for recruiters seeking diverse talent with critical skill sets.

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