Lassi: A thirst breaker in summer season

Hyderabad: Lassi, a traditional drink of the sub-continent is a favourite thirst breaker in the summer season. It is a mixture of yogurt, spices and water.

It comes in two varieties of tastes, one is salty and the other is sweet or fruit-based. The salt based lassi is a mixture of yogurt, water, salt and sometimes mint is also added to it. Its flavour is sour.

Meanwhile, sweet lassi are like milkshakes which comes in different flavours such as mango, strawberry, rosewater and other fruit juices.

In special types of lassi, dry fruits and ice-cream are also an added ingredient.        

Lassi is a welcome drink among all age group of people. As both elders and youngsters like to drink it especially during scorching heat, big restaurants as well as small road-side shops keep a “lassi’’ stall . It’s a good profitable business as well.         

There are many health benefits associated with it such as it aids digestion, improves bone health, boosts immunity, high in probiotics and good for skin.

In Hyderabad, lassi shops can be found in almost all the localities especially in Old city, Ameerpet, Secunderabad, Mallepally and Tolichowki areas.