List of top 8 places to celebrate Holi in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: It is time to say goodbye to the chilling winter season and welcome spring with celebrations. The season of visiting the lush green mountains, lying on the beach and basking in the sunlight, capturing pictures in between the budding blooms of flower gardens and all other places which make you admire the Almighty and nature is coming fast towards us. We hope you will be too waiting for your brain to release dopamine after seeing how beautifully God paints the world in spring.

In India, people, especially Hindus, welcome the season by celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. Hindus believe that Holi marks the beginning of the spring season in the world.

Holi 2023: About The Festival

Holi has been celebrated with pomp and gaiety for centuries by Hindus to mark the triumph of good over evil. In Hinduism, it commemorates the victory of the God Vishnu as Narasimha Narayana over Hiranyakashipu. It is also known as the Festival of colors, the Festival of Spring, and the Festival of Love.

The celebration of this ‘Festival of Spring’ usually lasts for two days. It is not limited to Hinduism only as every Indian celebrates the colors of life and the onset of spring on Holi. This year, Holi 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday, 8 March. 

Where to celebrate in Hyderabad?

As you are aware that all Hyderabadis need is to party hard and have fun. And yes, this festival will let you make your life colorful. Hold the water gun in your hands and sprinkle the colors of life and happiness. Are you ready to upload colorful pictures on your social media accounts, then keep reading as we will tell you about the best places in Hyderabad where you can welcome the spring in a grand way.

Several people might have planned to celebrate the festival with their gangs but if you have not planned yet, then wait. Below is the list of top recommended places where you can have a memorable Holi. You can buy the tickets to celebrate the Holi at these places from Book My Show and PayTM Insider.

Top Holi Events, Parties 2023 In Hyderabad

1. Hyderabad’s Biggest Holi Festival

  • Tickets available on PayTM Insider
  • Location: Boulder Hills, Hyderabad

2. Holi Mela – Colour Splash

  • Tickets available on Book My Show
  • Location: Booth Bangla, Hyderabad
Colour Splash

3. Holi Utsav

  • Tickets available on Book My Show and PayTM Insider
  • Location: Peoples Plaza, Hyderabad

4. Rang De Hyderabad

  • Tickets available on BookMyShow
  • Location: NTHM Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Rang De Hyderabad 2023

5. Rangrrez Holi

  • Tickets available on PayTM Insider
  • Location: ODN Studio, Kanche Hyderabad
Rangrrez | Holi 2023

6. Rang Barse – Holi Bash 2023

  • Tickets available on Book My Show
  • Location: Yolo Arena, Hyderabad

7. Holi Tomatina Festival

  • Tickets available on PayTM Insider
  • Location: Aluminum Factory, Hyderabad
Holi Tomatina Festival  | Holi 2023

8. Holi Celebrations 2023 Season 8

  • Tickets availaible on Book My Show
  • Location: Country Club, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Gather your friends and make some unforgettable memories at some most exciting Holi parties in Hyderabad this year!