Lok Sabha poll results: Hyderabad police impose restrictions on counting day

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Hyderabad: Hyderabad police have issued a notification imposing prohibitory orders to maintain public order, peace, and tranquility in the twin cities on counting day.

The order prohibits the assembly of five or more persons and any kind of processions within a radius of 200 meters from the counting center premises.

Restrictions on counting day in Hyderabad

As per the order, carrying sticks either with or without flags, lathis, firearms, or any other items that can be used as weapons for offense or defense by persons in processions, large gatherings, or meetings within a radius of one kilometer from the counting center is prohibited.

It also prohibits the use of mics or public address systems by anybody or parties. Restrictions are also placed on music, singing, speeches, or broadcasting through speakers or any other instruments.

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The restrictions also include the prohibition of erecting temporary structures like shamianas, pandals, khannaths, etc., on thoroughfares, public places, and all other places where the public may gather.

Hyderabad police prohibits crackers

The Hyderabad police also issued a notification informing that bursting or throwing firecrackers on public roads and at public places is strictly prohibited.

Any person found violating the orders shall be liable for prosecution.

The orders will remain in effect from 6 am on June 4 to 6 am on June 5.

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