London Stock Exchange Group opens Technology CoE in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has officially announced the opening of its technology Center of Excellence in the city on Thursday, January 18.

The facility aims to drive the development of new products and services, with a focus on low-latency technology, while also leveraging the local startup ecosystem.

“It will play an important role in enabling us to deliver best-in-class products that our customers require and to become a leading provider of engineering solutions to the global financial ecosystem. We will harness the region’s engineering expertise and aim to hire more than 1000 engineers and professionals by the end of 2025,” Irfan Hussain, the chief information officer of the LSEG said, on the occasion.

This center, located in Hyderabad’s Hitec City, currently accommodates 300 professionals in various roles and is set to support the group’s global business expansion.

This initiative is part of LSEG’s broader efforts to expand its technological capabilities and is expected to create employment opportunities for a significant number of individuals in the region, a press release said.

LSEG’s new facility in Hyderabad’s Hitec City is home to 300 professionals in different positions and provides support to the Group’s business divisions and Corporate Technology through a collaboration with Microsoft LMP.

The facility will take advantage of the city’s strong technical education resources and its emphasis on Cloud Security, DevOps, and ERP, which are in line with LSEG’s goals.

Additionally, the facility is established through a partnership with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) under a Build-Operate-Transfer model to recruit and develop talent.