Malakpet to Secunderabad: Hyderabad police create green channel for live organ transport

Hyderabad: The city police provided a green channel on Thursday for the transportation of heart and lungs from Yashoda Hospital in Malakpet to KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad.

As a result, the distance between Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad to KIMS Hospital Secunderabad is 12 kilometers and was covered in 12 minutes.

Tweeting about the incident, the Hyderabad traffic police on Twitter said, “#HYDTPweCareForU Today @HYDTP
provided #GreenChannel for transportation of #LiveOrgan i.e., Heart & Lungs from @YashodaHospital Malakpet to @KIMShospital Secunderabad. The stretch of 12 KM was covered in just 12 minutes. #SavingLives @AddlCPTrfHyd.”

The Traffic police issued a traffic advisory and tweeted the same on their Twitter handle at 11:35 am.

Due to the live organ transportation, heavy flow of traffic and peak hours, movement of vehicles was slow from Malakpet metro Station, Yashoda Hospital, Nalgonda X Roads, Malakpet Railway Station, Azampura, Chaderghat Rotary towards Chaderghat X Roads.

A ‘Green Channel’ is a dedicated route that keeps traffic off the road between the hospital where an organ is taken and the hospital where it will be transplanted. The route is operated manually. The idea of ‘Green Corridors’ has existed in India since 2014.