Man spying for Pakistan held, Hyderabad firm probed

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: An engineer working for a company in Hyderabad that makes parts for missiles and drones was arrested in Bharuch, Gujarat. He’s accused of spying for Pakistan by collecting secret information about India’s military and sharing it with them.

The engineer, Pravin Mishra, lives in Ankleshwar, Bharuch, but is originally from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The investigation has expanded to look into others involved, including officers and employees, who might have helped Mishra.

Military Intelligence had warned the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about the possibility that current or former military personnel, people working on missile systems, and employees of organizations like DRDO and HAL might be sharing secret information.

Mishra’s link to a Hyderabad company that makes parts for missiles and drones made authorities suspicious. They believe he gave away technical details about these weapons after being tricked by someone pretending to be an Indian woman named “Garg.”

This case highlights the seriousness of national security breaches. Investigations are ongoing to understand how deep Mishra’s involvement goes and if there are others involved in the spying. Additionally, authorities are looking into the company in Hyderabad to see if there are any security lapses.

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