Mangoes arrive in Hyderabad markets

Hyderabad: Mangoes have arrived in Hyderabad’s Guddiannaram Fruit Market two months before its season.  Since it is the first arrival of the fruit, the prices are high.  The fruit is selling at Rs.150 to Rs.200 per kg.  The prices in other markets are more than Rs.200.

Generally, the mangoes arrive in the city’s market either in late March or the beginning of April.  But this time the fruit has arrived much earlier than its season. These mangoes are coming from AP’s Anantapur to Guddiannaram Market.  A tray of 20 kgs is being sold at Rs.2000. 

The early arrival of the fruit has delighted mango lovers across the city. “The fruit came early in the market due to good rain.  The mango season would be better this year compared to the last season in view of the early arrival of the fruit in the market,” said a Mango trader.